My First Post


Well, here we are. You are reading this, and I am venturing into my first blog. If you would like a little background about me please checkout my About section.

It has been an exciting two years since I have gone off the deep end into photography and all the nuanced skills that entails. I started with a trusty Nikon D3200 and few basic lenses, then “upgraded” to a FujiFilm XT2 and have been loving that system ever since. It works great for social media posts and small prints. Eventually, if the need arises, I will upgrade to a full frame camera for large prints and client work.

I have recently decided to make this website to catalog my experiences for myself and for others who would like to follow along. Oh man….it has been a journey in its own right. From making sure that everything lines up, editing, proofing, and just tagging things takes a while. I can see why people turn this into a full-time job. In the end though, its worth it to provide a nice clean area to showcase what I see on my local and far away adventures.

Feel free to email me with any questions/comments/concerns:



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